Calgari Launches Luxury Watches for True Lifestyle Fanatics


What do you do if you feel uninspired by the current watch market? Exactly, you start your own brand! This is precisely what the founders of the watch brand Calgari have done. "We bridge a gap where luxury and a sense of familiarity come together."

The current watch market has two extremes: on one end, you have brands that focus solely on the unattainable high-end lifestyle, and on the other, brands that primarily emphasize craftsmanship. Calgari ends this dichotomy with their Limited Mechaquartz Collection, making luxury accessible.


This latest release draws inspiration from the iconic watches of yesteryear. The founders of Calgari have woven this with their vision of the perfect chronograph. Each design functions as the ultimate statement piece, telling a unique narrative to capture the versatility of the city, inspired by its people, energy, and culture. Vincent Bakker, founder of Calgari, explains the design process: "Creating our debut collection was, above all, a labor of love. Each design tells a story about our city. They are wearable works of art that connect the wearer to their local roots."

To achieve the perfect balance between quality and affordability, Calgari has chosen to use a Mechaquartz movement. This is a chronograph that is half quartz and half mechanical. The Seiko VK64 caliber is part of the hybrid mechanical quartz movements, combining the accuracy of quartz with the charming six ticks per second of a mechanical watch.

Friendship is at the heart of Calgari's origin, shares co-founder Thijs Haal. "Our common goal is to work with people who inspire us and align with our view of life. This results in unique creations, such as the design we made for our friends at Pierre Morlet. It's a blend of shared vision and the courage to make mistakes."

What makes this collection even more special is that the three styles are limited to 100 numbered pieces. Each design is immediately discontinued upon sale. For the price of 469.95 euros, you not only get an iconic but also a unique timepiece on your wrist that exudes both luxury and everyday elegance.


The brand Calgari was established 5 years ago from a desire to offer timepieces that complement the lifestyle of their buyers. The watches are an indispensable addition to your daily wardrobe. So whether you have a date with that special someone, need to make a stylish impression at work, or are grabbing a coffee with friends, such a watch will enhance your outfit just that little bit more. According to co-founder Tim Wellenberg, luxury and familiarity come together when you see the watches, and we can confirm that. 

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